The 3Dami studios are unique Рthere are no other events quite like them, world wide. We have had students travel from as far away as Hong Kong to attend. At these events students get to make complete 3D animated films Рthey write the scripts, make the films from scratch, and finally present them at a premi̬re. The London premi̬re typically gets an audience of around 100 people. We run at some of the best universities in the UK РUniversity College London and University of Bath, both top 10.

Students learn about the entire process. 3D animated film making is necessarily a hybrid of art and technology – artistic students inevitably learn more about computer science, whilst computer science students necessarily learn more about art. All leave with a much more general skill set, and knowledge useful for their future careers. The event involves teamwork and high pressure deadlines. Students inevitably improve their team working skills, and gain a focused work ethic. Our top students often go off and make complete films afterwards, on their own. We also have 3Dami graduates teaming up to make films online, which get entered into competitions.

3Dami has been running since 2012 – most of our graduates are still at university. Some have had their grade requirements reduced as a result of work they did at 3Dami. Others have made money from selling their work. One student has made it across to California, to do their degree at the university responsible for many of the animators at Pixar. Another now works at Double Negative, the largest film effects studio in the UK – their name has appeared in the credits of a major feature film.


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